What is Jill Hinson Method

What is JHM?

JHM stands for Jill Hinson Method. In short, while Pilates is my personal favorite way to condition the muscles, I believe in combining various forms of fitness to cross-train for a more balanced body. I apply my Pilates knowledge to all JHM workouts to make them safe, quality, and for many bodies.


The term “method” in my personal fitness vocabulary is defined as a particular form of procedure for accomplishing a process of doing something. It’s a plan to achieve improved cardiovascular health, balance, range of motion, flexibility, and full body strength.  JHM tackles this plan by offering cardio, aerobics, balance work from all angles, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and strength training through the use of Pilates, body weight exercises, and light weights.

My Mission

The JHM mission is to fill your cup with quality workouts for full body wellness and to  safely achieve stronger bodies mentally and physically for ease of movement and enjoyment of life.


Strength Training



Range of Motion