Success Stories

“When I walked into my first Pilates class with Jill Hinson at 10-years-old, I had no idea of the impact that Miss Jill and Pilates would have on me for years to come. During my 14 year competitive figure skating career, I relied heavily on Pilates lessons with Miss Jill to strengthen and improve my on-ice abilities. Through Pilates, I developed a powerful sense of body awareness, stabilized and strengthened my core, toned and lengthened my muscles, and also immensely improved my flexibility. The outcome and benefits of my Pilates lessons with Miss Jill not only contributed to my improved performance on the ice, but also off of the ice, as I was able to meet rigorous physical goals that I had set for myself for U.S Figure Skating’s annual S.T.A.R.S Combine (Standardized Testing of Athleticism to Recognize Skaters). I truly cannot thank Jill Hinson enough for her incredible efforts in helping me to reach success in my competitive figure skating career. I am confident that without Pilates, I would not have reached the level of skating that I did. Not only is Miss Jill an amazing Pilates teacher, but she is also a fantastic person. Jill Hinson is passionate. However, she is not simply passionate about just Pilates or her students, but also about making the world a better place. She is strong, kind, level-headed, determined, motivated, and caring. Her compassion and desire to aid others is truly inspiring. Miss Jill radiates happiness, and always makes those that she encounters feel heard, appreciated, loved, and cared for. I am so thankful that I had the blessing to work with Jill Hinson during my competitive figure skating career, not only because of the on-ice success that she brought me through her Pilates instruction, but also because I had the opportunity to get to know her as a person. At 19-years-old now, I look up to Jill Hinson just as much as I did at 10-years-old when I began my Pilates journey. I have learned so much from Miss Jill both about Pilates, and about life. I would recommend Jill Hinson to anyone. I would recommend Pilates to anyone, not just athletes. Thank you Miss Jill for the wonderful impact you have had on me!! You are why I love Pilates!”


“I came to Jill a few years ago after many years of physical therapy. I was trying to remain not only fit, but simply mobile due to a long recovery from a brain tumor surgery that left me with a lifelong issue with a right leg that simply does not work well. She has been able to use her knowledge and creativity in her Pilates studio to help me get stronger and more mobile than I have ever been. Jill and her team create an environment of positivity and energy that is uplifting in a way that keeps me coming back again and again.”


“I met Jill in February 2012, shortly after completing surgery and treatment for breast cancer. As I had practiced Pilates in the past, I knew that this method of exercise would be beneficial for me. What I didn’t realize was how much cancer would take away from my ability to get back to doing what I used to do! Things that had once been so easy were now difficult, if I was even able to do them at all. Jill used her background and knowledge to keep me focused on what I was able to do, and how to achieve the next step in my Pilates practice. With patience and encouragement, Jill helped me to regain the strength and flexibility I needed to be whole again. Today she still challenges and inspires me, and I am forever thankful for her teaching and most of all her friendship.”


“I have been personal training with Jill for the past three years. She challenges me with interval training that includes cardio, strength training, and Pilates. The workouts are developed specifically for my individual goals. I have had some medical challenges and Jill has stood by me and worked to modify my training. Jill is an encourager while pushing you to be your best self! She truly cares and I am blessed to be her client and her friend!


“Either in person or virtually, I love working out with Jill! She is so knowledgeable and easily explains what you are doing as well as what area of the body the exercise is working and improving. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, with Jill, you always have and know modifications that work for you. She has a great way of bringing her instructions to the student level. Jill makes working out fun, educational, and something to look forward to!”


“Jill, just wanted to say THANKS for your dedication to your clients – I came to you about 3 1/2 years ago. I needed help with balance and strength. You designed a program just for me. I can go up and down the steps confidently, get up off the floor without assistance, and my balance has greatly improved. I look forward to my sessions. Your online classes have kept me in shape. Thank you!”