Beautiful Potential.

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What is potential, really? Is it a recipe where we can’t quite find the missing ingredient, but know there is hope? Is it a friend or family member you know is capable of so much more than he or she offers? Is it the old house you bought in hopes of bringing back the character it once held? Is it you?

I was spray painting old wicker furniture this weekend that I bought at a consignment store. I was all alone and I began to think…. it’s funny because my pastor will say, “there is a sermon in that.” My yoga teacher will say, “there is a yoga lesson in that.” I have started saying, “there is a blog in that!” As I was painting weathered and worn wicker furniture a soft blue, I began to think about the potential it had. It was going to look beautiful on my front porch. BEAUTIFUL POTENTIAL.


having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.


As I sprayed away I began to think about my many Pilates students as well as my Healthy Please students.  I hear from people all they time, “I am just getting older.” I hear more than that at times, but I see beautiful potential. I do not see age. I do not see fat. I do not see gray hair. I do not see strange. I do not see limitations.


Blue Wicker Furniture

I see beautiful potential. You may be getting older, but with age comes grace and you are only as old as you allow yourself to feel…plus, it is much easier and less stressful to feel happy. I do not see gray hair. I see amazing women and men who inspire me to be like them as the years pass by. I do not see fat. I see opportunity to help someone get healthy and fit. I do not see limitations. Sure, some may have limitations, but I see it as a creative opportunity to make the body work.  I do not see strange, I see different and in my book different is super cool! Committing to your workout and making the decision to choose healthy foods will get you the results you want, even if you cannot vision your own potential.

Here is the thing…most of us do not see ourselves the way the world sees us. Why should we because that would be arrogant, right? It would be better to think badly of ourselves. No way! Be confident and own your potential! Leave the past behind and focus on developing your fitness training to something better in the future. The old piece of furniture you purchased did not gain character overnight. It took years. Do not expect to get fitness results overnight, but know that you can also be restored and renewed! Be consistent and the results will come, especially if you own your beautiful potential.

Healthy Please XOXO,

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  • Len Palombi April 30, 2014 at 00:11

    Very inspiring Jill! Thanks for sharing.


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