Consistency is key to gaining results in anything you do. It is difficult to learn how to play the piano if you do not study the notes and practice. It is difficult  to learn a foreign language if you do not study the language consistently.

I bought the book Spanish Phrases for Dummies a couple of months ago to help me prepare for Honduras. I really want to be able to communicate more on my own. The book is collecting dust in my closet waiting for me to pick it up. I am planning to soon, though. I tell myself that every day. I’m just a busy gal and I do not have time.


Nope, the truth is that I have the time if I would make the time. It should be scheduled into my day. The same is true with your Pilates training. You cannot gain great results one day each week. It will feel good and it is certainly better than nothing at all, but Pilates is meant to be practiced with consistency. Schedule Pilates into your week at least twice per week and you should be making time for cardiovascular exercise in your week. Make it happen.  If you are truly eating right (that means no hiding in the closet eating candy bars a few days each week) you will see results. Your mental and physical well-being will improve.

Let’s make consistency our new motto!

Jill Hinson clients

Healthy Please XOXO,


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