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I received an email this morning from my Uncle Nelson who allowed me to go with him to Honduras for the first time. He and my aunt go at least twice each year. You can learn about my trip here .

I had planned to blog today about my experience being a body for the Carolina Pad photo shoot, but a video I received this morning raised so many emotions for me I knew I needed to share it. Most of the feedback I received about traveling to Honduras has been positive. It is so tough to come home and share what you see, because a ten minute story does not shed enough light on the problems faced by their people. I received a couple of questions and comments that weighed heavily on my heart. It let me know that many of you may feel the same. The question that weighed on me was whether or not a one week mission trip can really help others, or if it is more about the “feel good” for the person going. Especially when there is so much need where we live.

Although it broke my heart I could understand the question. I absolutely did feel good being there and making a difference. I did come home a changed person. But what you may not know is that I cannot eat a meal without praying for the kids of Honduras, I wake up thinking about them and I go to bed at night thinking about them. It has become my area of service. One person can only do so much, but if we keep at it we can make a difference.

Pan American Orphanage

My good friend said to me that she isn’t sure she could serve overseas, yet she spent time praying in the school parking lot with a crying lady who pulled over and simply asked her for prayer. Her mother was dying and she had no one. She thought the school parking lot was a church. God put my friend at the school just at the right moment. We can all be of service to someone. It may be your neighbor. It may be a local non-profit such as your community shelter, Red Cross, Crisis Pregnancy Center or church. It may be a family member who needs help. I just do not understand why people matter so little to some of us. I am one person, and I can be cranky, I can be bitter, I can be sad at times. We are all human. But if I can somehow make a difference to as many as I can  I am going to.

Please take time to watch this video that inspired me to write this blog post today. This is the orphanage I worked at last Fall, and will be returning to in December. I received the joy of spending time with these kids. I had dinner with Diane while in Honduras and am touched by how much one person can give her life to these children full-time. I am not asking you to serve where I feel led, I am just asking you to serve. You are right, there are needs everywhere.


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