“find your tribe. love them hard.” It’s been a tough week. Last night I lost one of my very first friends. I debated whether or not to write about her so soon after her passing. My feelings are raw, and that’s normally when I can write with humility and the most love….and these are WORDS FROM MY HEART, right?


This photo makes me laugh. We were the same age here. Allison had obviously hit her growth spurt. I obviously had not. Ha. Allison was a gift to me. I met her in 5th grade. We were in youth group together, we transferred high schools together, she was my Matron of Honor, and she married my cousin. I was blessed to call her my friend and I was blessed to call her my family.



She and my cousin, Buddy, had a special marriage. She met my cousin and was engaged in one month….married in six months. She said she was only inviting people to her wedding who she knew loved her, and didn’t care what anyone thought about it. Bud stood by her side through thick and thin, the good times and the tough times. The most painful part of my week was watching him prepare for what was ahead. He is so special to me. I’m grateful to have spent the last two years with him in Honduras. He doesn’t know this, but Allison texted a picture of these flowers to me on October 21. She asked me if I remembered their first date together when they came to see my dance performance at UNCG. He surprised her that day with these flowers to remind her of their first date.  He’s one of a kind and she knew it.


She was a mess. We had so much fun together. She taught me to stand up for myself.  She could be tough on me, but she sure as heck wasn’t going to let anyone else get to me. She taught me not to take life so seriously. She taught me to relax and worry less (I’m still working on that one).


Allison taught me not to care what others thought and that a true friend loves at all times.  She was full of pranks. Many times I was the recipient of them…there were times I didn’t understand why, but now I will treasure them forever. No one thought like Allison thought. She was just Allison.

Allison loved her family more than anything else in this world. She sent me photos of her daughter all the time doing gymnastics and yoga poses..and would text “can you do this?”  She was my cheerleader. When I arrived at the hospital most of her family who I knew growing up, but haven’t seen in a while, had seen many of my Pilates pictures from Instagram and knew about Core Studio Pilates and Yoga’s achievements. She was proud of me. She would sometimes text me photos of herself doing yoga poses. Comic relief to my busy days.

She could make me laugh over the silliest things. She was not perfect, but she was perfect for me. Sweet Al, my soul is at rest knowing you are free from pain. Until we meet again…”Kapesh Kapash, Perky Nerky, Yes ma’am, and Are you kidding me?”


All my love FOREVER. Rest in peace sweet girl. You will be missed so much.



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  • Alicia December 05, 2015 at 05:23

    She sounds like an amazing person and friend. I’m so sorry that you and her family have to go through the pain of losing her but may your good memories help ease the pain.


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