How many times do you see beautiful bodies on Facebook or other social media sites of women or men who have it all together, and they can teach you how to look like they do if you follow a few steps or purchase their shakes…blah blah blah.

Frankly, I am over it. I want to feel confident with my body. I want to be defined. I want abs….and I am going to work extremely hard for it. Let’s face it, though, many of us have jobs. Important ones that demand a lot of our time. Then, we have spouses and children at home, and we have a responsibility to take care of them. We want to! But, when do we have time to achieve that sexy body we keep hearing is so achievable? We don’t have time to look like “that”, so we don’t do anything.

If we are being completely  honest, when we get home from a tough day at the office the last thing many of us think about is hitting the gym or studio. We take care of our duties at home, and by the time we finish with that we are ready for bed. I’d like to challenge your thinking a bit, though. Have you ever regretted a workout once it was over? To me, I am past sexy body. Sure, many of us want that body. The reality is we need to be healthy, not sexy.

Do you want to feel good? I decided to do the research for you.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, Americans are still making unhealthy choices.

  • About six of 10 adults drink, including an increase in those who reported episodic heavy drinking of five or more drinks in one day during the previous year.
  • Twenty percent of adults smoke, and less than one-half of smokers attempted to quit in the past year.
  • Only one in five adults met federal guidelines for both aerobic activity and muscle strengthening exercise. One in three was completely inactive when it came to any leisure-time aerobic activity.

Only one in five adults? Are you kidding me? These statistics are never going to improve until we decide to move our entire bodies, not just our fingers while hunched over a computer. I have some clients who struggle with their weight. It is very important to be a healthy weight, but I want to say to them, “look at what you are doing three days per week or more to take care of your body!”  That is healthy and way sexier than the skinny girl on the couch eating chips.

You are going to pay later for the unhealthy choices you make now. Be good to yourself. Take time to live in the moment a little more, exercise because your body requires it to function properly, and as I always say…drink more water. I simply want to challenge you to think about where you want to be in ten years. Paying for hospital bills or paying for fitness? You decide.

Healthy Please XOXO,



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