Core Studio Pilates and Yoga has relocated and I want to share some photos with you of our team in action! Whew! We have not stopped and it thrills my soul to share my love for Pilates with everyone I can, but also the MAJOR benefits Pilates has to offer everyone willing to give it a try!

Here are some photos from the past few weeks in our new location at Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Our new BEAUTIFUL studio!

Figure Skating Camps

IMG_7253 (1)

Hockey Camps

Hockey Puck Plank Challenge

I need to brag on these young men. These fellas impressed me with their respect and willingness to work hard at this new practice of core strength to them! I was thanked after class by almost every one of them.


Laura Pittman’s Mommielates!

Always taking time for my personal practice.

Core Compassion Project – Heather Moses

Studio Action!

What can I say? It’s all about living life to the fullest, caring for the bodies God has so graciously given us, appreciating how strong we can be, and always striving to improve in Pilates and in life.


Go. Be. Do. Make a difference.

Healthy Please XOXO,


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