Nope! Don’t want to hear it. Make it happen. Get up early or go to bed later. You have worked too hard to achieve results to let it go in the summer. I am still trying to understand the “seasonal” fitness guru. Being healthy is a choice. Exercise is a choice. It’s not a few months out of the year so you can feel better at the beach on the weekends.

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There you go. I Pilates because I can. I yoga because I can. I will not take my body for granted. Not for one minute.

I am you. I get it. I am a mom. I am a wife.  I am a business owner.  My daughter ice skates three days per week BEFORE school.  Sometimes I ask myself, “When in the world am I going to get my workout in?” I’m not complaining and these are not excuses. This is life. Early rising is both a choice and a necessity for me. My solution: I schedule it into my day. I have a certain number of Pilates and yoga classes I make sure I take every week and this includes my personal practice. Me, myself and I…sometimes alone, doing what I love. Bliss!

I am at my best as a trainer early in the morning. I know that. My own workouts are better in the morning. I love getting up early (once I am up!), starting my day, living a healthy lifestyle and working with so many different clients. It’s why I love my job! In fact…today I pulled up at the studio at 6:20am ready to meet my first client. No one was Downtown Monroe except the two of us, and she was standing in the middle of the road blaring a cd of Alan Jackson singing “How Great Thou Art.” Now, whether you like Alan Jackson or not (you really couldn’t hear him anyway she was singing so loudly!), this fun woman will give you fuel for your day! I have the most amazing people in my life!

When we first opened it was not a problem. I had more time and was able to take more classes. As I became busy in the studio I quickly realized I had to schedule my workout into my day or it was not going to happen. Here’s the thing…I only teach one group class each week in which I am working out with my students. My other classes and sessions are all private. I am training others to be their best, and it is not time for my workout.

Jill Hinson

Here is a picture of me just after we opened the studio. I had a lot more time on my hands, and as you can see my body has changed a bit since then. I am more defined….healthy eating + consistent workouts + healthy mind = healthy lifestyle! I’ll be the first to tell you that my life has been nothing but chaos the last two months due to things out of my control. My workouts keep me going and I refuse to let them go!

So when I tell people, I’ve been unable to workout they look at me as if something is wrong. While this may surprise you, I have to work hard at getting my own workout session in just like you!

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. People go through times in life when they can’t train. Life happens, it is normal. You shouldn’t feel bad if you miss a day at the studio.  But what happens when one day becomes two days, a week, a month, or a year? We wake up and want to know why our pants are tight while we enjoy an unhealthy breakfast or even worse…no breakfast at all.

Jill Hinson Suspension Training

Here is a more recent photo of me with the TRX Suspension Trainer, making it happen even when I am busy.

YOU are the only person who can make it happen. You can invest a lot of money in trainers, but without having the mindset of OWNING your health it may or may not last. Plan your day. Plan your meals. PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS! Yes, especially in the summer!

Here is to Pilates, yoga and more fitness!

Healthy Please XOXO,




  • pilates student June 03, 2014 at 23:57

    That must have been an awesome sound at 6:20 AM this morning. Even if the woman singing failed humming…more power to her for being there and belting out one of the greatest songs ever written. The only thing that could top this is if she were loudly singing Amazing Grace! But then again…she came and she conquered!♡


    1. xoxojill June 04, 2014 at 00:51

      It was an awesome sound (and I believe I am replying to someone with the initials C.F.!!!) Vanilla Ice was pretty good, too!


  • Alicia June 04, 2014 at 01:54

    I love this and you’re so right! If I can even take a few minutes each day to practice yoga I feel so much better (and it tides me over to the next class). My plan is to one day I’ll be a multiple times a week student at Core 🙂


  • Len Palombi June 09, 2014 at 21:30

    Hi Jill, your energy, focus and commitment are truly inspiring. Thanks!


    1. xoxojill June 16, 2014 at 16:17

      Thank you, Len! That means a lot coming from you.


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