I spent two weeks in November on a mission trip to Honduras. I knew I wanted to blog about it, but no words do justice to my experience. Last year was my first trip there, so I was grateful to go again and continue the friendships that were formed last year. I decided the best way to explain my experience is to leave you with the lessons I learned from the people of Pena Blanca who I now call my family, and a picture suitable for each lesson.

1. Turn off electronics and enjoy my family. Being in a place where cell phones and television are few, I missed my life as a kid where we were not consumed by electronics. I have a choice to be in the present or to be on my social devices. This is my friend and interpreter, Lucia, from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, who brings out the adventurous side of me!


2. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Stop being wasteful. This includes wasting water.


3. Fitness can be pleasure. Go outside, run around, and be a kid again. It’s good for the soul.


Jill Hinson Pilates Honduras

4. Spend more time with my children before they go to bed. As my kids get older, they don’t seem to need as much of me in the evenings. However, there are kids who would love a little one-on-one time with a parent before bedtime…or anytime for that matter.


5. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the sunset. There are too many times I don’t get up early because I am up too late.


6. Material things bring temporary happiness. The soul can bring eternal happiness.


7. Fitness doesn’t require a piece of equipment and a mat. Enjoy the earth sometimes…I plan to do more hiking.


8. Don’t think that third world countries have less than we do. In some ways they have much more of what truly matters. Family is often times first!


 9. It’s fun to wear heels whether you are 12 years old living in Honduras or the USA!


12. I can live to be 100.


13. I can serve with my family.



These are the happy pictures. I had experiences that brought me to my knees and broke my heart. Experiences so bad I chose not to take out my camera or to post. They took a piece of my heart. The 80 year old man hit buy a car whose family waited surgery because they did not have $150 for the surgery; he couldn’t have been more than 70 pounds and was bleeding from his brain. The many families living in sheds hoping for a home, not because they are lazy but because there is little work. The malnourished children sent to an orphanage to recover, some never being picked back up by their parents. There are children forced to quit school because they cannot afford closed toe shoes. Multiple stories.  Every story has a name.

The lesson I learned most is that it is important to build relationships in the places I go. I do not want to go somewhere one time for a week and that be it. There are needs in the USA. There are needs in Honduras. We are all created equal and location makes no difference to me. I want to serve where I feel led, and I hope this encourages you to serve as well.

Love and be loved,


Healthy Please XOXO,



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    Thank you for sharing…I love your thoughts on it.


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