This time of year I ask my clients to set goals for Fall. It’s good after summer to take time to find focus, and I have some tips for you. Ask yourselves these questions:

1. Is what I am eating serving my body well? Check your pantry to see if you are fueling your body or slowing your energy level down.

2. Am I on the road to healthy eating over the holidays with my diet now? This is important because many people gain 7-10 pounds over the holidays…and they never lose it after the holidays.

3. Do I have a fitness schedule, or do I just hope to squeeze in some time for exercise? Let me tell you right now, if you do not have a set time to exercise there will be many days where it will not happen.

4. Do I have a planned meal for dinner tonight? Sit down and plan out your weekly meals. It will save you money and it will make you feel good about what you are feeding your family. I’m not talking about a feast here, just take time to have a meal plan.

 Vegetables Jill Hinson

Healthy Please XOXO,


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