Are you tired of the diet merry go round?

Meet my colleague, Carrie “Fit Food” Lynch from CJ’s Kitchen. Carrie has helped me tremendously with meal planning and preparation. Today she has some tips for you! In fact,  I like her offerings so much I am bringing her to Core Studio Pilates and Yoga on June 25 for private appointments. I asked her to share a few thoughts with you.


If you are tired of the diet merry go round, you can take a breath and know that you are not alone! Today is the day you can decide to make time for you…learn how to get back to the basics of living a simplified healthy lifestyle.

So many of us, especially moms, just don’t have time for ourselves and meal planning might seem to add stress. Have you ever heard the expression, “Where there’s a will there’s a way?” Forget it. My personal expression is “Where there is a plan there is success!”

We just need a little guidance and support to reach our goals, and I’m here to offer help in easy meal planning. I will teach you how to detox your pantry and customize meal plans based on your personal macronutrient ratios.  Research suggests, as Jill teaches in her Healthy Please program, that being repetitive and journaling your daily regimen with food can be very successful in reaching your long-term goals.  

Everything we do in life starts from the inside out, and once we begin to focus on our optimal health everything just seems to fall into place, whether that’s weight loss goals or health issues we battle. I truly believe our bodies are designed to heal itself as long as we are giving the body what it needs through our food, fitness and supplementation.


There you have it friends! CJ’s Kitchen will be at CSPY on June 25, so schedule your appointment with her as soon as possible if you are interested, because you will need a phone consultation before your June 25 session. Local friends can sign up at If you are not in the Charlotte area and would like help from Carrie, I can set that up as well! You can contact me through the blog.

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