Meet Jill

Hi ladies! It is my mission to help busy women gain control of their own self-care and workouts! I provide resources to help women find time, energy, and commitment to regain control of their bodies.

I believe we all need to find a support group of like-minded people we can encourage and be encouraged. My goal as a women’s fitness coach is to provide a safe place for women to be themselves, love themselves, and achieve health benefits to last a lifetime!


I understand the exhaustion, the stress, and the constant fight or flight you often feel because I’ve been there…three kids under the age of four was a wild adventure! I remember sitting on my couch some nights in my work clothes at 8pm for a few minutes, only to wake up still in my work clothes at 2am totally exhausted with yesterday’s make-up still on my face. As tough as it seemed at the time, I miss those days!

Fill Your Cup!

How full is your cup? You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Dont let time pass you by!

For so long I believed I could fill my cup when I finished the laundry, dinner, or once my children graduated high school and my mom taxi duties were complete. After that I could fill my cup when I achieved my studio goals or finished writing my book. The truth is, there will always be reasons to wait to take care of yourself. I was allowing time to pass me by.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the past decade, generations apart, and we are very much the same. It’s time to stop the guilt, pause the hustle, and live in the moment. Join the JHM Circle and enjoy how great it feels to allow time for yourself again!

Fun Facts About Me!

  • Cancer has challenged so many people I love wholeheartedly.  I’m on a mission to do my part for all women, and I have a special bond with cancer thrivers.

  • My faith is most important to me.  Actions speak.

  • I have worked through the battles of self-image like many of you.