I used to be obsessed with my scale. I would get on the scale every morning just to make sure I hadn’t gained a couple of pounds. This was extremely tough for me after the birth of my children (all three of them!) because it was all about the number to me. I would feel very discouraged when I would get on the scale and I was not anywhere near where I wanted to be. It didn’t help that I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans.

Do you measure your happiness by the number on your scale? Do you feel you have to punish yourself until the number on the scale comes down….or better yet, is it tough to look at yourself the same when you are two pants sizes larger? Do you ever feel you do not deserve to be happy until the number on the scale decreases? Do you feel like it will never happen?

This is a problem and here is why…

When you focus on surface results you are focusing on food to hide your emotions, quite possibly hiding the root of the problem of what truly makes you eat more. These frustrations and battles can sometimes make us eat even more. What’s the point when the scale number keeps rising, right?

Stop trying to give your body a hard time by restrictive eating. When you fail you may feel discouraged, self-hatred, lack of confidence, and so on. It will keep you in the cycle of fad diets and the latest workout fad that is here today, gone tomorrow leaving you feeling inadequate, frustrated, sad….many times with more pounds than you started with.

Be nice to yourself! You are here for more reasons than to lose weight. You can try every diet in the world, but until you learn to love yourself you will not be successful.

So you may ask…how do I love myself again? Maybe someone broke your heart. Maybe you experienced something painful as a child. No matter what your situation is, and believe me all people have some insecurities whether they admit it or not, realize that you are a unique person and there is no one just like you. If we continue to compare ourselves to others we will never find the beauty in who we are created to be!

Jill Hinson scales

Be kind to yourself! Do nice things for yourself just like you do for others! That’s not selfish! When you truly love yourself you can truly love others. What does all of this have to do with numbers on a scale? When you learn to love yourself again you will be able to make lasting lifestyle changes that will help you get rid of those extra pounds!

Don’t get me wrong, my job as a trainer is to offer workouts that make my clients stronger and more defined. I haven’t had one client yet come in and tell me they do not care what they look like on the outside. ¬†Many want to lose weight. I want my clients to see themselves the way the I see them. Many times I do not think we see ourselves as beautiful as the world sees us.

scales Jill Hinson


Don’t worry so much about the number on the scale. If you focus your personal mindset on changing from the inside first you will make the external changes that will help you lose weight far quicker than the the latest fad diet. If you are reading this post and you can relate give my way a try, especially if the things you have tried in the past have not been successful. You are beautiful. Post it on your mirror.

Healthy Please XOXO,


Credits: Mindbody FX Lifestyle Program and Healthy Please




  • Terry ikerd February 26, 2014 at 15:53

    Thanks for such encouraging thoughts!! I also weight myself every day. Perhaps I don’t need to!!


  • Kristi February 26, 2014 at 15:55

    Love this! Love you, Jill!


    1. xoxojill February 27, 2014 at 00:00

      We all need to be reminded of this, right?


  • Keitha February 26, 2014 at 16:39

    Thanks so much for this post…..you knew I needed it!


  • Gina Hargett February 26, 2014 at 16:58

    Thanks Jill! I so needed to be reminded of this! Hugs-


  • Stephanie Belk February 26, 2014 at 17:37

    Ummm yes this is me to a tee. This mind body course I’m taking with you is going to change my life.


  • Alicia February 26, 2014 at 18:12

    So true! Feeling (and looking) good is about SO much more than a number!


  • Coach "Debbie" February 27, 2014 at 01:16

    My mirror is covered now !!! Xoxoxo. Exactly why I love ya …. Written from the heart and so true !!!!!


  • Cindi March 02, 2014 at 14:31

    I know you wrote that just for me. (lol) I made that sign for my scale today. I am going to break the habit of weighing every single morning of my life. I am going to start now. Thank you Jill. You totally rock.


    1. xoxojill March 02, 2014 at 23:42

      I love that you are putting that sign on your scale! Love you friend!


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