Instant gratification is just that. Instant. Not for life.  I am guilty of it sometimes and so are you. Are you willing to manifest your desire for true change? If so, ask yourself these few questions.

Are you willing to:

  • Make an investment in yourself?
  • Go where you have to go?
  • Do what you have to do?
  • Change what you have to change?
  • Let go of what has to go?
  • Study what must be studied?
  • Take direction when it is required?
  • Continue in the face of failure?
  • Make a 100% commitment to yourself that you will reach your ideal weight?

Allison Hinson

Core Studio Pilates and Yoga  Instructor Allison Hinson demonstrates commitment to family, friendship, food, work and her personal fitness. You have to make time for it all!

If your answer is YES, good for you! Go and do it! Don’t wait until tomorrow! Tomorrow turns into days which turns into weeks.  It’s not easy. It requires courage and honesty with yourself. You can do it!


Healthy Please XOXO,


Credits: Mindbody FX Lifestyle Program

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