I returned Sunday evening from several days of training in New York City for the STOTT PILATES NY Symposium. I met some dear friends in the Big City just in time (literally) to see Kinky Boots on Broadway. We spent Friday in Soho with a quick trip to Central Park.


It was tough for me to sleep Friday night because I was excited and nervous about training with some of the best instructors in the world inside the most amazing space! Instructors would travel from over ten different countries. Once I arrived at the Baryshnikov Arts Center and learned that not only PJ O’Clair, but also Moira Merrithew would be teaching some of my classes I was even more excited (secretly screaming!)…

STOTT PILATES Instructors New York Symposium

I tried to soak every minute into my brain, even the last class of the weekend when I was exhausted because I knew this would only make me better for my clients. I also wanted to improve my personal practice. I highly recommend the Symposium to all instructors, especially when you can share the fun with great friends! Here are some photos from my amazing week.


Halo Trainer, Total Barre, Stability Chair Flow and more!

Jill Hinson Halo Trainer Total Barre Jill Hinson Jill Hinson Halo Trainer FullSizeRender-15

I would like to credit STOTT PILATES for these last four photos.

11150454_10152985258163743_4490936257670599608_n FullSizeRender-16  

Stay healthy and practice Pilates!




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