Tonja Smith has inspired me and encouraged me to pursue more work with her….so really she is teaching me. She came to Core Compassion Project several months ago and has done tremendous work with one of our teachers, Sarah Sawtelle. You can visit the Core Compassion Project Facebook Page to see her last video that has over 31,000 views and 350 shares.  I have observed the two of them work non-stop to create magic…and this still has my wheels spinning.

I’ve been exploring and researching on my own for three years now how Pilates can benefit different bodies. Of course, I learned the benefits in my training, but “hands on” experience is where you truly learn the most.  Tonja agreed to come in with me for the next several weeks to explore inside my studio just how much she can do safely. I realized very quickly Tonja can do far more than I originally thought, and what amazes me more than anything is her inner strength and determination (although that inner thigh strength is pretty amazing)!

I want to share the latest video with you…

While I was teaching Tonja we had clients on the reformers with feet in the straps. Tonja asked me if she could try it. It thrilled my soul, but I was concerned her prosthetics would be too much pressure. She said to me, “we will not know until we try!” Tonja proved me wrong again. Here is the video link, the studio was busy at the time so it’s a little noisy. Here ya go, raw and unedited work. TONJA YOU MAKE ME PROUD!





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